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Please note new room rates effective as of 01/01/2018.

Room rates and reservations:

The Harris Suite rents for $219.00 per night.

The Julia Bulette Room rents for $169.00 per night.

The Beebe-Clegg Room rents for $159.00 per night.

The Carlson Room rents for $119.00 per night.

The Mark Twain Room rents for $149.00 per night. (not shown)

The Hop Sing room rents for $139.00 per night. (not shown)

All rooms have a discount for extended stays.

All rates do not include the 10% room tax imposed by Storey County

Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the mansion. 

Victorian homes were not built to be 'child proof'.  Likewise there are many heavy items that a small child could hurt themselves with.  As such, the Cobb Mansion is not appropriate for children. 

Contact us at info@cobbmansion.com for reservations or call 775-847-9006.  Email is always the best way to contact us.


With regards to our cancellation policy, as long as you let us know seven days in advance, there will be no charge.  If a cancellation is made less than seven days from the date of your reservation, there will be no charge as long as we can rent the room to someone else.  If we are not able to rent the room to someone else, there is a 50% cancellation fee.  If you make a reservation and do not cancel it and do not show up, the entire amount of the room rate will be charged.  As I am sure you can appreciate, Bed & Breakfasts have a limited number of rooms and if someone cancels or does not show up, we may not have time to rent the room again.