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photo by:  KevinKarlStudio.com

   This room is located on the north side of the house and overlooks the house once occupied by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg during the 1950's.  Lucius was a famous socialite and newspaper writer in Boston and New York and Charles Clegg was an accomplished photographer.  Together, they decided to leave the 'hoity-toity' life of the east behind and move to Virginia City (in their private train car), where they reestablished the 'Territorial Enterprise' newspaper and built it into the most widely published weekly in the west.  Many credit Beebe and Clegg with bringing Virginia City 'back from the ashes'.

   The Beebe-Clegg room has an antique walnut double (full size) bed that looks very much like the bed in the Lincoln Room at the white house.  In case you weren't lucky enough to be invited to spend the night in the Lincoln Bedroom when Clinton was president, you can do the next best thing by staying here in Virginia City!  The room also has its own private ensuite bathroom and in keeping with the practice at the time, a lavoratory in the corner of the room.  The room also has cable TV and a DVD player.