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   This is the master bedroom suite of the house consisting of two rooms separated by 10 foot tall sliding pocket doors.  The bedroom area consists of a king size bed, a large, 3 window, bay window with the best view in the house; on a clear day you can see the Desatoya Range over 100 miles to the east.


photo by:  KevinKarlStudio.com

Also visible down in the valley is the Carson River, along which the Pony Express trail ran on its way from St. Louis to Sacramento.  The suite is named after the man who bought the land and built the mansion. The suite also boasts a Victorian fireplace that now burns propane for a nice 'cozy' feel, especially in the colder months of the year. 


   The room adjoining the bedroom is the 'Turkish' room.  In the late 1800's a great deal of interest was focused on the Middle east.  Even Mark Twain made a trip to the holy land and wrote about his experiences in "Innocents Abroad".  Many well-to-do Victorians traveled to the middle east and displayed the souvenirs they bought on their trip in a 'Turkish' room upon their return.  Your proprietors, having lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years themselves, have their collection of middle eastern souvenirs on display in this room, including an antique camel saddle from Egypt, hand woven camel harness from Saudi Arabia, leather ottomans from Morocco, a jewel encrusted daggar from Yemen, a hand woven oriental carpet from Kashmir, an inlaid chest from Egypt and a brass lamp from Turkey, among other things.


photo by:  KevinKarlStudio.com

   The suite has its own private tiled bathroom with shower just off the Turkish room.  A cable TV and DVD player is also in the room.